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Dear INTERNATIONAL students of SWPS University

Do you have any worries about finding a job in Poland? Do you think that it is impossible to build your career without the knowledge of the Polish language? If so, we would like to invite you to our workshop which will calm you and destroy your doubts about the future!

About SWPS Office of career services


in which the SWPS University has its campuses:

Our team consists of 15 people:

career counsellors who support students and graduates in finding their talents and planning career path
cooperation specialists between office of career services and employers as well as training session organisation specialists, who support companies and organisations in employer branding events at the university (e.g meetings, workshops, job fairs)
job market experts dealing with job and internship recruitment
office of career services coordinators at local campuses supervising office of career services' effectiveness in terms of student, graduate and employer service
coaches providing professional development workshops
career coaches acting as a support in setting up career goals, forming a career path and current challenges in the workplace

Get know Us


Olga Kożuchowska Olga Kożuchowska

Olga Kożuchowska

Contact info
tel. 22 517 99 62, 721 470 234
SWPS University in Warsaw
Social media
Up-to-date experience
I've been co-ordinating social and education projects, providing career counselling, and I've been running several workshops. I have work experience in public institutions, NGOs and higher education institutions.
Activities carried out for a student or employer within OCS
  • Career counselling.
  • Workshops, organising meetings with employers.
A speciality within OCS
#warsawofficeofcareerservices, #careercounselling, #jobplacement, #jobmarketinformation, #joboffers
Films, travelling, books
Marta Gawrońska Marta Gawrońska

Marta Gawrońska

Contact info
tel. 22 517 98 32, 22 813 64 42
SWPS University in Warsaw
Social media
Up-to-date experience
From many years now I'm working with people on different steps of their career, supporting them in decision making, changes as well as in their development in certain areas.
Activities carried out for a student or employer within OCS
  • Professional potential assessment, support in setting up career goals.
  • Support in planning career development paths, taking into account acquired professional competence.
  • Preparation before getting in touch with employers (application papers, job interview).
A speciality within OCS
#warsawofficeofcareerservices, #careercounselling, #jobplacement #jobmarketinformation, #applicationpapers, #professionalpredispositionstest
Literature, film, psychology
Karolina Suszek Karolina Suszek

Karolina Suszek

Contact info
tel. 22 517 99 62
SWPS University in Warsaw
Social media
Up-to-date experience
I've been a career counsellor and a job coach. I have work experience working in non-governmental institutions, upper-secondary schools, and higher education institutions, providing counselling and training services for long-term unemployed people and recent graduates. Moreover, I've been a job market interviewer and pollster among community offices' clients, students, graduates, entrepreneurs, and young mothers. Also, I'm a job intermediary for foreigners living in Poland.
Activities carried out for a student or employer within OCS
  • Job placement, events with employers, consultations for employers.
  • Advertisement of employers among the students, internship programme, non-obligatory internships.
  • Job market information, employers' profiles, cooperation with graduates.
A speciality within OCS
#warsawofficeofcareerservices, #careercounselling, #jobplacement, #jobmarketinformation, #studentinternships, #joboffers, #workshops, #applicationpapers, #personalbranding #graduates, #employers, #officeofcareerservicesoffer, #ocssocialmedia, #facebook, #linkedin, #jobfair
Street art, short films
Anna Skrzypa Anna Skrzypa

Anna Skrzypa

Contact info
SWPS University in Warsaw
Up-to-date experience
I'd run career mobilization workshops for job seekers. I'd supported the workshop participants in finding their potential, as well as in arranging application papers and preparing for recruitment meetings. The workshops' goal was to also provide information about further development opportunities, set up proactive work approach, and motivate. In a consulting company, I'd been dealing with potential assessment and evaluation during Development and Assessment Center projects.
Activities carried out for a student or employer within OCS
  • Career counselling workshops and consultations.
  • Support in arranging application papers.
  • Potential, strengths and job competencies assessment in order to ease career decision-making.
  • Job interview preparation, getting to know recruitment methods; above all planning the strategy with the students to get closer to their dreams and dream goals.
A speciality within OCS
warsawofficeofcareerservices, #careercounselling, #jobplacement, #jobmarketinformation, #studentinternships, #joboffers, #workshops, #applicationpapers, #personalbranding, #graduates, #officeofcareerservicesoffer, #ocssocialmedia, #facebook, #professionalpredispositionstest, #jobfair
Travelling, yoga, crossfit
Anna Sawczuk Anna Sawczuk

Anna Sawczuk

Contact info
tel. 22 813 64 42
SWPS University in Warsaw
Social media
Up-to-date experience
I'm a career and entrepreneurship counsellor, and a business coach. I'm running my own company and I'm helping in creating and developing new enterprises. I have work experience in the business sector and NGOs.
Activities carried out for a student or employer within OCS
  • Entrepreneurship counselling.
  • Business workshops.
  • Professional predisposition tests.
  • Devising a business strategy, drawing up a business plan.
  • Obtaining grants.
  • E-marketing.
  • Teaching about sales and customer service.
A speciality within OCS
#warsawofficeofcareerservices, #careercounselling, #workshops, #training, #businesscounselling
Nature, reading, and everything that's new
Renata Klujewska Renata Klujewska

Renata Klujewska

Contact info
SWPS University in Warsaw
Social media
Up-to-date experience
I've been promoting events, organising student internships, and monitoring graduates within the project. I've been also taking care of the Office of Career Services Public Relations within and outside of the University.
Activities carried out for a student or employer within OCS
  • Cooperation with employers in terms of internships and apprenticeships.
  • Student service.
A speciality within OCS
Painting, crime novels, rollerblades
Szymon Niemiec Szymon Niemiec

Szymon Niemiec

Contact info
SWPS University in Warsaw
Social media
Up-to-date experience
I have 20 years of work experience in workshop, training and coaching market.
Activities carried out for a student or employer within OCS
  • Training projects service.
  • Carrying out workshops and coachings.
A speciality within OCS
#warsawofficeofcareerservices, #careercounselling, #jobplacement, #joboffers, #workshops, #training, #applicationpapers, #personalbranding, #officeofcareerservicesoffer, #jobfair
Spiritual psychology, anti-discrimination politics, LGBT psychology


Adrianna Bołądź Adrianna Bołądź

Adrianna Bołądź

Contact info
SWPS University in Poznań
Social media
Up-to-date experience
I've been an Office of Career Services Coordinator as well as a Financial Settlement and EU Projects Cost Control Specialist.
Activities carried out for a student or employer within OCS
  • Organising free events, workshops, and training sessions in cooperation with the companies.
  • Building relations with the employers.
  • Promoting and carrying out current projects.
  • Executing and supervising projects co-financed by the EU.
  • Cooperation with employers in terms of job placements, internships, and apprenticeships.
  • Carrying out and monitoring OCS social media channels.
A speciality within OCS
#poznanofficeofcareerservices, #jobplacement, #studentinternships, #joboffers, #training, #workshops, #applicationpapers, #graduates, #employers, #officeofcareerservicesoffer, #ocssocialmedia, #facebook, #jobfair
Handmade, photography, interior design, castle and palace exploration, in particular the abandoned ones


Adriana Andrzejewska Adriana Andrzejewska

Adriana Andrzejewska

Contact info
tel. 693 440 127, 71 750 72 70
SWPS University in Wrocław
Social media
Activities carried out for a student or employer within OCS
  • Career counseling.
  • Professional guidance.
  • Job placement.
Specjalizacja w ramach BK
#wroclawofficeofcareerservices, #careercounselling, #jobplacement, #jobmarketinformation, #joboffers, #workshops, #applicationpapers, #graduates, #employers, #officeofcareerservicesoffer, #professionalpredispositionstest, #jobfair,
Literature, films, travelling


Marzena Kaźmierska Marzena Kaźmierska

Marzena Kaźmierska

Contact info
tel. 32 750 60 82, 885 555 934
SWPS University in Katowice
Social media
Up-to-date experience
I have work experience in organising workshops, EU projects implementation, and conducting recruitment processes.
Activities carried out for a student or employer within OCS
  • Implementing and supervising EU projects.
  • Organising training sessions, workshops, and meetings with employers.
  • Publishing job and internship offers.
  • Promoting Office of Career Services activities.
A speciality within OCS
#katowiceofficeofcareerservices, #jobplacement, #joboffers, #training, #workshops, #graduates, #employers, #officeofcareerservicesoffer
Cycling, travelling, mountain tourism
Aleksandara Zwyrtek-Tarach Aleksandara Zwyrtek-Tarach

Aleksandra Zwyrtek - Tarach

Contact info
SWPS University in Katowice
Social media
Up-to-date experience
I have 16 years of work experience in counselling and career information. I've been conducting individual consultations aiming at employment potential recognition and its instance, within those consultations through credentialed tools I diagnose interests, preferences and professional predispositions as well as I appose professional competences, point out strengths and resulting from them career opportunities and areas for development. Moreover, I carry out lectures, training sessions, and workshops on the job market, human resource management, and business psychology. I've been supporting youth in decision making concerning their education, and adults in planning and modifying their career path. In my professional work, I'm combining my knowledge of psychology, human resource management, career counselling and coaching with the experience I gained through working in various work environments. I emphasise an individual client approach.
Activities carried out for a student or employer within OCS
Within cooperation with Office of Career Services, I'm providing career counselling and job placement as well as individual consultations suited to the project participant's needs and expectations. During the meeting, we are together instancing given resources, considering education and career opportunities, analyzing potential threats, form goals and create plans of their implementation. Besides the conversation, we work basing on credentialed tools, namely tests and questionnaires.
A speciality within OCS
#katowiceofficeofcareerservices, #careercounselling, #jobplacement, #jobmarketinformation, #workshops, #applicationpapers, #officeofcareerservicesoffer, #professionalpredispositionstest
Literature (psychological thrillers), handicraft


Patrycja Rajek Patrycja Rajek

Patrycja Rajek

Contact info
SWPS University in Sopot
Social media
Up-to-date experience
I've been a Board Member of Pomeranian Students' Coalition, where I'm coordinating education and training projects for university and high school students. Moreover, I've been a coordinator of "Gdyńskie Debaty Młodych" project and "Koła w ruchu - projekt wsparcia pomorskich organizacji studenckich".
Activities carried out for a student or employer within OCS
  • Organising training sessions and workshops for students and graduates.
  • Organising job fairs.
  • Projects subsidized by European Union service.
  • Maintaining relations with the employers and Rada Pracodawców service.
  • Publishing job, internship, and voluntary service offers.
  • Moderating Office of Career Services in Sopot group on Facebook.
A speciality within OCS
#sopotofficeofcareerservices, #jobplacement, #studentinternships, #joboffers, #training, #workshops, #applicationpapers, #graduates, #employers, #officeofcareerservicesoffer, #ocssocialmedia, #facebook, #jobfair
Diplomatic etiquette, social activities, film
Anna Dukowska Anna Dukowska

Anna Dukowska

Contact info
SWPS University in Sopot
Social media
Up-to-date experience
Since 2006 I'm working in a field of career counselling. I'm a philosophy master, I graduated from the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń as well as the University of Gdańsk from post-graduate studies on ‘Career Counselling'. I've completed Szkoła Trenerska (Trainers' School' organised by GRUPA TROP and various courses from the field of recruitment and employee selection, assessment center, coaching, facilitation, career counselling methods, professional predispositions tests applying, talent analysis etc. I'd been gaining practical work experience through cooperation with, among others, Centrum Rozwoju Talentów, District Employment Office in Gdańsk, Gdańska Fundacja Innowacji Społecznych, Regionalne Centrum Wolontariatu in Gdańsk, Centrum Integracji i Wsparcia Cudzoziemców in Gdańsk, Municipal Office in Gdańsk in Social Development Department, and LAZNIA Centre for Contemporary Art. Besides career counselling, I also work in the fields of culture animation, social projects management, social innovations, employment support program, and integration of foreigners. Out of fondness, I'm a chair of non-government organisation Fundacja Nasza Przestrzeń for around 9 years now, which is dealing with matters of local community development and human rights education.
Activities carried out for a student or employer within OCS
  • Career counselling.
  • Workshops, organising meetings with the employers.
A speciality within OCS
#sopotofficeofcareerservices, #careercounseling, #jobmarketinformation, #workshops, #applicationpapers, #personalbranding, #graduates, #officeofcareerservicesoffer, #linkedin, #professionalpredispositionstest
Corporate social responsibility, culture animation, social innovation.
We hear out about expectations and needs from students and graduates who are looking for their dream workplaces, as well as from employers who value candidates' abilities, experience and motivation.

Combining both sides' needs altogether with our team's knowledge, experience, and zeal, we are able to organise following various initiatives:
career counselling and career coaching
business counselling
job placement
potential assessment
obligatory and non-obligatory internships
workshops and training sessions
job fairs and meetings with employers


Meetings with a career counsellor – what can you expect?

During a meeting with a career counsellor, you can talk about your ideas and plans for your future, get to know your strengths and find out about employer's expectations. Moreover, you can also learn about possible training and further education as well as prepare yourself for job seeking.

Career counsellor will help you to:

diagnose your strengths and potential
set up career goals and plan your career
get to know recruitment and employee selection methods
prepare a professional application documents (cv, cover letter) and your profile on social media (LinkedIn)
prepare yourself for a job interview
develop a road map, which will help you in finding your dream job
Who can meet with a career counsellor: Bachelor's Degree students, Master's Degree students, Long-cycle Master's Degree students, Ph.D. students, and graduates.
We have a special offer for students who are currently completing the two last terms of their studies. We prepared a project funded by the European Union; due to that, you can:
  • take part in a series of individual meetings with career or entrepreneurship counsellors
  • take part in workshops prepared for those who want to open their own company (Business Manager for those who want to learn the basics of entrepreneurship, Business Projects for those who already have an idea for their company)
  • take professional predispositions and personality tests
  • receive support in the job seeking after graduation
  • take part in coaching or mentoring in a new workplace




Our various communication channels provide effective information flow from employers to students and graduates. We invite you to meet us as we are sure that successful cooperation can be built on relations. During an individual conversation with our advisor, we will match the right module of cooperation to the needs and expectations of your organisation. If needed, we will also edit the content of the job advertisement. Depending on the organisation's expectation, we will handle the service of events such as a seminar or workshop. Our advisor will guide you through the whole process of organising events for students, starting with a discussion about the meeting's subject, through the preparation of the event and ending with its evaluation. Basing on detailed professional competence profiles, we will match candidates to your job, apprenticeship or internship offer. By organising projects of internships and training sessions inside of the university, experts from your company are welcomed to share their knowledge gained through the years of their work experience. A wide range of our activities gives us an opportunity to monitor job market mechanisms and share information about them. Without a doubt we can do much more - you're welcome to contact us :)


Within our website, employers are able to create a profile on their own, publish advertisements and recruit our students. In order to have full access to all the features of the website, it is essential to register through the following link:


Experts in their field, years of work experience and readiness to share their knowledge - does this describe your company? If so, you're welcome to contact us! By the consultation process, we will be able to organise a seminar or workshops for our students or/and graduates on a given subject. You're also welcome to participate in the job fairs or conferences/discussion panels organised in cooperation with University's Faculties.


Are you planning to organise an open day or a workshop? Or perhaps you are planning to invite students and graduates to work on project team members' everyday tasks? We can handle the recruitment process for these events.


Are you planning to organise an open day or a workshop? Or perhaps you are planning to invite students and graduates to work on project team members' everyday tasks? We can handle the recruitment process for these events.


Are you wondering how to encourage students in an unusual way to be active and get to know your organisation? We will support you in organising an outdoor game or arrange a stand during some events. Our goal is to develop an interest in students about the employer's brand!


Every organisation interested in joining the system of apprenticeships for students of Faculty of Psychology can enter institutional apprenticeships programme. For more information, please visit the website In case you want to offer apprenticeships for other programs, please contact us at


Encouraging atmosphere, cooperation, and readiness to accustom future employees - all this under a watchful eye of a student or/and graduate's mentor? You're welcome to take part in the internship program and join a talent development programme. We can arrange a preliminary candidate selection by looking for students with a certain set of professional competence. During an individual meeting with a student, we will present your company's profile, and as a result of permanent cooperation, we will recommend your company as a workplace for carrying out an apprenticeship.


Every organisation is unique. Let's think together how to effectively promote your organisation among the students and graduates. How does a successful job advertisement look like? We read plenty of them every day! We will be glad to share our knowledge with you as well as to help you match the advertisement content to its audience.


A university is a large enterprise. We are aware that it might be difficult to find out for which particular faculty is responsible. If you are willing to extend your cooperation with the Office of Career Services to other entities/areas, just ask us about it!


The range of our activities gives us an opportunity to prepare reports and analyses considering the job market, the need for particular professional competences, and deficient and surplus positions. However, it is only a small part of what we are able to do. In fact, we are able to, and we can do much more. We enjoy challenges and gladly prove ourselves. You're welcome to contact us!


Karolina Suszek
tel: 22 517 99 62, tel: 663 440 115
Adriana Andrzejewska
tel: 693 440 127
Marzena Kaźmierska
tel: 885 555 934
Adrianna Bołądź
tel: 668 393 388
Patrycja Rajek
tel: 693 440 061

Special Offer for International Students

If so, we would like to invite you to our workshops which will calm you and destroy your doubts about the future

For how long? Just 2 hours during which we will cover the most popular job-related problems and of course we will answer your questions.

When?  We will announce next meeting soon .

What exactly are we going to talk about?

1. What does the Office of Career Services of SWPS University do? How can we help you?

2. How much does it cost? (Psss....Services are for free!)

3. How can you find your way in Poland? A lot of things that may surprise you.

4. Polish labor market

5. How to find English speaking job?

6. Working Scientific Clubs

7. What are the problems which can be met on your way? How can we help you to solve them? 8. And much, much more…!

If we got your attention, please follow this link and sign for our meeting!

Believe us; it would be informative, helpful and fun! See you soon!



If you do not have any experience in finding a job, internships or volunteer offers, it may be difficult to find your way without any experience – remember that many students graduate from psychology every year. If you want to convince your potential employer to chose exactly you, an internship in a given field will give you advantage over other candidates. Where can you find some offers?

  • If you are interested in working in the area of helping people – check out websites such as (internships or volunteering) or
  • If you are interested in business psychology, visit job fairs such as Career Day, AIESEC, JOBICON. This is a great opportunity to talk to representatives of large companies and to find out how does the career path looks like and what they expect for candidates.
  • In the spring of each year (March – May), large organizations announce recruitment for internship programs lasting several months. Information about them can be found on the websites of these companies and on the Career program page.
  • You can also contact the company or organization in which you want to gain experience and ask about the possibility of an internship,
  • You can also look for volunteer offers by yourself on the Volunteer Center website.
  • You can contact the Office of Career Services of the SWPS University and get additional help finding for the best opportunity to acquire competences.


  • Additionally to searching on Internet pages from the previous paragraph (,, you can use social media. There are many groups on Facebook: Work for psychologists!; Work for a psychologist, psychotherapist, students…; Work in HR - job offers, career ; Work in Social Media.
  • The Office of Career Services of the SWPS University runs the service where you can fill information about yourself:
  • We also run a Facebook group where we publish job and internship offers: SWPS University Office of Career Services on Facebook
  • Also, it is great and easy opportunity to create your account on LinkedIn to help you find your dream job or search the available job offers for Psychologists.


  • Specializations that are currently the most interested for business are specializations related to new technologies. Such field become more popular every day and uses to be an important field in each huge organization today. The knowledge of them gives you the opportunity to work as an information architect, advertising graphic designer, online games or website designer, marketing strategist or User Experience specialist. 
  • For any professional way that you chose it would be helpful to have knowledge of at least one foreign language at the level of min. B2. For many companies, this is even more important than the skills and theoretical knowledge after graduating.
  • Psychological studies are rarely the last stage of education. Especially in the area of clinical psychology, one has to take into account the need to undertake further studies or trainings (School of psychotherapy, clinical specialization, postgraduate studies). That is good idea to participate in some additional courses and educational programs in order to improve your knowledge in one sphere and to have more knowledge in a given approach.
  • If you do not know what the job opportunities are after a particular specialization or in the industry that interests you. Do you need support in determining your skills and strengths? Do you need help creating your CV? You can make an appointment with a career advisor at the Office of Career Services of the SWPS University. Write to the following address:

Alumni's Story: Workplace and Wellbeing Lead

/For English please read below/

Serdecznie zapraszamy na spotkanie z Panią Margaritą Kurylko, absolwentką Filologii angielskiej, które odbędzie się w najbliższy czwartek 13. lutego 2020 roku o godz. 16.30 - 18.00, sala S102

Podczas wydarzenia uczestnicy będą mieli okazję:

  • trenować umiejętności przydatne w pracy specjalisty zajmującego się atmosferą oraz dobrostanem pracowników międzynarodowej organizacji
  • poznać wskazówki dotyczące rozwoju zawodowego w obszarze Workplace & Wellbeing

Zapraszamy zarówno studentów, jak i absolwentów oraz wszystkie osoby zainteresowane

Formularz do zapisów

Wydarzenie Facebook

Zapraszamy Zespół Biura Karier


What you can expect during the meeting?

The event is prepared to gather students and alumni to inspire, share the knowledge and present potential career paths.

If you decide to spend this afternoon with us you will have an occasion to get to know:

1. The beginnings and ‘My Story’

2. Practical task

3. Essential skills & opportunities to develop

We have an honour to introduce you one of Alumni of SWPS University:

Margarita Kurylko - Workplace and Wellbeing Lead Experienced Internal Employee Trainer with Training and Development background. M.A. graduate of English Philology in Business Communication in University SWPS.

LinkedIn profile:

Let’s meet: on the 13th of February 2020 at 4.30 - 6.00, room S102

Please remember to reserve your seat -  the number of places is limited.

Facebook event

The event is organized by The Office of Career Services of SWPS University

Podsumowanie warsztatu: Alumni's story workplace and well being lead

#absolwenci #biurokarieruniwersytetuswps #absolwenciuniwersytetuswps

Serdecznie dziękuję za obecność i aktywny udział w warsztacie dotyczącym planowania i organizowania wydarzeń wspierających wellbeing pracowników w miejscu pracy.

Drodzy studenci, gratulujemy Wam pomysłów oraz mamy nadzieje, że to spotkanie stanie się być może początkiem ciekawej drogi zawodowej dla części z Was.

Pani Margaricie Kurylko serdecznie dziękujemy za chęć podzielenia się swoim doświadczeniem z naszymi Studentami.

To prawdziwa przyjemność móc z Panią współpracować i podziwiać Pani profesjonalizm.

Bardzo ciekawe i angażujące spotkanie! Mamy nadzieje na kolejne działania już niebawem ✨

Relacja z wydarzenia


Dear Students, thank you for attendance, engagement and sharing your ideas during the workshop ✨

Ms. Margarita, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience!

That was a really good time!

Report from the event

Korn Ferry Day: Start your journey with recruitment today

Dear Students, 

During the event you can learn about:

1. How to crack an interview and recruitment process

2. Developing skills about business communication which would be helpful in your career aspects

The program of the KornFerry Day:

9:30 – 12:00: New age of recruitment

12:00 – 1:00: Break

1:00 – 3:30: Professional communication and Business Standards

3:30 – 4:30: Q&A or Meet up sessions

Let's meet: on the 4th of March 2020, room S102

Please remember to reserve your seat!

See you there!

Office of the Career Services

Teleperformance: Positive Language in business comunication

W trakcie tego dnia będziecie mieć możliwość poznać:

1. znaczenie stosowanego pozytywnego języka w trakcie negocjacji, w budowaniu marki osobistej oraz w codziennej komunikacji biznesowej

2. poznać aktualne oferty pracy w firmie Teleperformance

Wydarzenie odbędzie się 10. marca w godzinach 9.30 - 16.00

Program dnia z marką:

Warsztat: 'Positive Language in business communication', warsztat w języku angielskim

9.30 - 11.00 sala S102

Liczba miejc: 30

Wymagana jest wcześniejsza rejestracja i potwierdzenie:

Porozmawiaj z rekruterem i poznaj aktualne oferty pracy w firmie Teleperformance, stoisko promocyjne

11.00 - 16.00 Hol główny

Przygotuj swoje CV i przyjdź porozmawiać z rekruterem!

Więcej o marce możecie dowiedzieć się ze strony:

Do zobaczenia!

Zespół Biura Karier Uniwersytetu SWPS


Dear Students,

hope you will join us during the open day with Teleperformance

During the event, you will have an occasion to get to know:

1. the meaning of positive language in negotiations, personal branding and in a daily business communication

2. open positions in Teleperformance

The event will take place on the 10th of March 2020 at 9.30-4.00

The program of Open Day:

Workshop: Teleperformance: 'Positive Language in business communication', the workshop will be held in English

9.30-11.00 Room S102

Number of seats: 30

Please reserve your seat before the event and wait for a confirmation:

Meet recruiters and open positions in Teleperformance, promotional stand in the main hall

11.00-4.00 p.m. main hall

Please prepare your CV and take an advantage to talk with the recruiter!

More about Teleperformance:

See you there!

Office of the Career Services

What to write? What to add? What to say?

It was only the first step to finding your career. There are a lot of interesting things ahead! That is why we are pleased to invite you to our second seminar, which will take place on 11th March, 15.00, room S102

We will discuss:

instructions, tips and useful suggestions on how to create your CV,

what to write in a cover letter and how to show yourself during an interview.

If you have not yet joined us, you have a unique opportunity to become a member of our company of "builders" where you will learn how to build your future.

During the workshop, we will create a real groundwork for your career in Poland.

What exactly are we going to talk about?

  1. We will shortly remind you about what does Office of Career Services of SWPS University do? How can we help you?
  2. Structure of CV 3. How to find information about yourself which needs to be included in your CV?
  3. What information is the most important and what employers are looking for?
  4. What is cover letter? When is it necessary to be included and how to write it properly?
  5. You have been invited to an interview. What to say, how to look and how to show yourself (brief introduction)?
  6. And much, much more….

When? March 11th, 15.00 (3 pm), room S102

If we got your attention, please follow this link: and sign for our meeting

Believe us; it would be informative, helpful and fun!

See you soon! 

Informacja w związku z odwołaniem zajęć na Uczelni / Information in connection with the cancellation of classes at the University

Jesteśmy do Waszej dyspozycji za pomocą komunikatorów Skype i Hangout. Osoby, które przed 22 marca umówiły się na spotkanie z osobami z Biura Karier otrzymają indywidualne zaproszenia na spotkania online. Oczywiście jesteśmy również gotowi przenosić terminy spotkań na czas po zakończeniu okresu ochronnego.

Zgodnie z postanowieniem Rektora Uniwersytetu SWPS wszystkie wydarzenia organizowane przez Biuro Karier, w tym warsztaty, oraz spotkania z pracodawcami planowane przed 22 marca przenosimy na inne terminy.

Dziękujemy za Wasze zrozumienie i cieszymy się, że możemy Was wspierać w rozwoju Waszych ścieżek kariery.


Zespół Biura Karier Uniwersytetu SWPS


Dear students

For the sake of your safety and health, as well as to meet the needs of your professional development, the Career Office of the SWPS University informs that by March 23, or the day when you start classes again at the University, we change the form of contact, and individual consultations as part of Career offices will be held primarily in the on-line form.

We are at your disposal via Skype and Hangout. People who before March 22 have arranged to meet people from the Career Office will receive individual invitations to online meetings. Of course, we are also ready to postpone the dates of meetings after the end of the protection period.

In accordance with the decision of the Rector of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, all events organized by the Career Office, including workshops, and meetings with employers planned before March 22 are moved to other dates.

Thank you for your understanding and we are glad that we can support you in the development of your career paths.


Career Office Team SWPS University

EU Careers Student Ambassadors

As part of the experience, you will be able to:

  • Find out more about EU Career opportunities and promote them to your fellow students
  • Build a fantastic student network across Europe
  • Gain work experience during your studies that will give your CV extra weight
  • Develop your skills in public speaking, marketing and HR
  • Receive a full induction training and coaching throughout the role
  • Access to high-ranking EU officials A reference letter based on your performance

We are looking for motivated, outgoing people with enthusiasm to promote EU Careers in your university. As a highly regarded employer of top graduates, EU Careers is looking for brand ambassadors at some of Europe's finest universities.

The EU Careers Ambassadors scheme involves finding innovative ways of promoting the great opportunities the EU institutions have to offer, including through:

  • attending careers fairs, or giving presentations to your fellow students
  • developing university networks and providing information
  • maintaining an active online and social media presence
  • answering questions about EU Careers

Do you want to hear about the EU Careers Ambassadors’ first hand experience?

Who we are looking for? We are looking for motivated Ambassadors who want to promote the benefits of an EU Career and have the following competences:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Networking skills
  • Willingness to share and learn
  • Ability to adapt
  • Good organisational skills
  • Ability to deliver quality and results I
  • nnovative and creative approach Resilience

Minimum Requirements

  • Commit at least two hours per week to your Ambassador role
  • Arrange or participate in a minimum of one EU Careers event or presentation
  • Communicate on a regular basis with your EU Careers coordinator
  • Participate in all training offered (online)
  • Keep a log of your activities and report back regularly

How to apply If you are:

  • An EU citizen
  • Fluent in English and in one of the languages of the country in which you are studying
  • Available to take part in our compulsory one day training course in October 2020
  • Enrolled and present at the university for the duration of the Ambassador's post (October 2020 - September 2021)

You can make an online application between 20 February to 20 March 2020.

Please fill in the following form to submit your application. If you successfully pass the first round, you will be asked to complete an online interview in April 2020. More information on this second phase will be sent to selected applicants via e-mail.

Please note that the list of participating universities has been established in collaboration with national governments. Currently we are unable to support Ambassadors at other universities and generally we do not change this list.

Contact If you have questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Praca Biura Karier w okresie #zostanwdomu

For English version please read below

Szanowni Studenci, Szanowne Studentki, 

pomimo konieczności ograniczania bezpośrednich spotkań pragniemy poinformować, że Biuro Karier Uniwersytetu SWPS działa w trybie online.

Oznacza to, że wszystkie planowane konsultacje odbywają się w usłudze Hangouts, do której wszyscy studenci i studentki Uniwersytetu mają dostęp poprzez pocztę Gmail.

Dla tych z Państwa, którzy z jakiś powodów nie będą mogli połączyć się w tej usłudze - zachęcamy do mailowego lub telefonicznego kontaktu z zespołem Biura Karier.

Zachęcamy do tego, aby w tym szczególnym czasie pozostać aktywnym również w obszarze poszukiwania pracy, praktyk lub stażu.

Firmy i Organizacje zapewniają nas o tym, że mimo przeniesienia procesów rekrutacyjnych do wirtualnych pokoi spotkań (w tym również rozmów rekrutacyjnych) - nadal oczekują na Wasze aplikacje. W części firm oficjalne rozpoczęcie pracy może być przesunięte w czasie.

Z poważaniem

Zespół Biura Karier

Dear Students,

despite the need to limit direct meetings, we would like to inform you that the Career Office of the SWPS University is operating online.

This means that all planned consultations take place in the Hangouts service, to which all University students have access via Gmail.

For those of you who for some reason will not be able to connect to this service - we encourage you to contact the Career Office team by email or phone.

We encourage you to remain active at this time, also in the area of looking for a job, apprenticeship or internship.

Companies and Organizations assure us that despite the transfer of recruitment processes to virtual meeting rooms (including recruitment interviews) - they are still waiting for your applications. In some companies, the official start of work may be postponed.

Kind regards,

Office of Career Services


The SWPS University Office of Career Services team is here to accompany you during your further professional development. We are ready to support you in finding a satisfying job, as well as changing it to another one if you make such a decision.

We want us to stay in touch. Social media will be helpful in this: Facebook groups, a website with job offers and SWPS University website for alumni. Thanks to this, regardless of where you are and what work you will do, you can still have access to current knowledge, which our specialists share during open lectures, webinars, conferences.

The network of cooperation with graduates is an opportunity to stay in touch with classmates as well as to make new friends and share an experience.

Join the SWPS University Alumni Team


Take advantage of professional services in your Career Office:

  • career advice
  • thematic workshops and meetings with practitioners
  • consultation of application documents
  • access to selected job offers
  • consult your LinkedIn profile
  • entrepreneurship workshops
  • business project consultancy
  • networking

dear alumni if:

  • You run a company that allows you to apply the knowledge you have gained in college
  • You want to share knowledge and skills with current students
  • You want to become a mentor for students
  • You are looking for candidates for apprenticeships or internships
  • You want to actively participate in the life of the University

We will also send you surveys for the Careers tracking of SWPS University Graduates - we encourage you to share information with us. In the future, this will enable us to create solutions for students, thanks to which they will be able to achieve greater satisfaction in their professional lives.


Unbottle Your Potential - Brand Opener - Coca-Cola HBC Poland and Baltics

Here, at Coca-Cola HBC, we’ve already introduced some solutions that help us save water. Now we want to encourage consumers to create habits to do it as well and sustainably use water in everyday life. We want to launch the campaign with which we will inspire consumers to bring and cultivate water-saving solutions. That’s why we need your help! Think about the name of such a campaign and share it with us – the best three ideas win!

Main contest: 

Choose a case from one of the three areas (marketing, sales, production) and solve it to show us your creativity! The authors of the best projects (one from each contest area) will win up to €1200* for the self-development purposes. Postgraduate studies? Specialist courses? If you win, the decision is all yours. We want to support your development.

The contest is dedicated to university students from the second to the fifth year from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. *Prize for polish students – up to PLN 5000 (equivalent to €1200).

Step one:

Check the three contest areas. Find the one that suits your interests best – you will be asked to choose it during the registration process after which you will get to know your main task and its details.

Step two: 

Sign up to see your task! The faster you do it, the more tips you get! If you register within the first two weeks (16.04 - 30.04), you will get additional tips from our expert. Remember to activate your account too.

Step three: 

After the registration, you will get the task and materials for the chosen area – an introduction video and a video (or two) with tips for your task. The attachments will be sent via e-mail – make sure to check them out!

Step four: 

Develop the best – in your opinion – solution to the chosen task, prepare a presentation about it and upload it in your user panel.

Step five: 

Wait for the results. The authors of the best projects may await additional awards – we will keep you updated about them! We encourage you also to take part in the mini-challenges on our Facebook fanpage!


Facebook website

The European Defence Agency Traineeship Programme

An EDA traineeship will give you:

  • a unique insight into the policies and processes for the development of European defence capabilities
  • an opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired during your studies
  • exposure to a multicultural and dynamic professional environment

What we look for

To be considered eligible, applicants must satisfy all of the following requirements by the deadline for submission of applications:

  • Nationality: be a national of a Member States participating in the Agency;
  • Educational qualifications:have completed at least the first (minimum three-year) cycle of a higher education course (university education) and obtained a full degree or its equivalent by the closing date for applications;
  • Languages: applicants must have a very good knowledge of at least two participating Member States languages of which one must be English as it is EDA’s main working language. The knowledge of additional participating Member States languages is an asset;
  • Background related to the EDA’s operational activities: educational background in a field relevant to the activities of the Directorate/Unit the trainee applies for and is allocated to;
  • Personnel Security Clearance Certificate (PSCC). For more info, see FAQs Traineeships are open to applicants who have not previously undertaken a paid or unpaid traineeship or any kind of employment in another European institution or a body and which lasted for more than six weeks.

More information at the website: EDA Traineeship

Online Workshop for International Students: What I should wear this time?

It was only the first step to finding your career!

There are a lot of interesting things ahead. That is why we are pleased to invite you to our third seminar, which will take place on 26th May, 16.00, ONLINE

What exactly are we going to talk about?

  1. We will shortly remind you about what does Office of Career Services of SWPS University does? How can we help you?
  2. You have been invited to an interview. What to say, how to look and how to show yourself (brief introduction)?
  3. And much, much more….

If you have not yet joined us, you have a unique opportunity to become a member of our company of "builders" where you will learn how to build your future!

During the workshop, we will create a real groundwork for your career in Poland.

When? May 26th, 16.00 (4 pm), ONLINE 

Please register here

Believe us; it would be informative, helpful, and fun!

See you soon!

Office of Career Services

Oussama Bouzid

How do you remember your studies at SWPS University?

It had its ups and downs, but I enjoyed being a student there. It helped me broaden my horizons, and many of my professors had a profound impact on my world view.

What was your career path so far? / Please, describe your career path so far?

I started off as a corporate language and communication trainer (Specialize in providing industry-specific English training ( Business English, IT English…etc ) and designing tailored study programs ) then landed a job as a data analyst at Accenture ( I started as a junior then got promoted to quality assurance analyst assessing and coaching other analysts. It was a due diligence and compliance positions). And then, I have moved to JP Morgan where I am working now as A data management analyst ( conducting investigative inquiries to keep the data accurate and up-to-date. And since I like running workshops and courses, I am now working as a tutor at Vistula university teaching English for international tourism while delivering some in-company classes.

Is the job that you are currently doing relating to your field of study?

Yes, corporate communication trainer and university tutor are related to my BA

If you had the opportunity to advise something useful students interested in a similar career path, what would it be?

I think becoming a good trainer or tutor requires robust knowledge of the subject matter and an aptitude to lead others to learn

Kagan Sezgin

How do you remember your studies at SWPS University?

Back in 2015-2016, I was studying in Istanbul/Turkey as a "translation and interpreting" student. I wasn't happy with the education I was having when I was studying there. In the middle of 2016, I started to make a research on where else can I study and I found our university. As a former interpreting student, I thought "English Studies" would be the best fit for me.

What was your career path so far? / Please, describe your career path so far?

As a person who was much more interested in business instead of linguistics after starting to have my specialization courses, I was searching for a job in sales and marketing areas when I was about to graduate. I was very fortunate to find a job related to both fields. Currently, I am working in G Partner on behalf of Google as ads account strategist. I am also representative of our sales team for the Turkish market.

Is the job that you are currently doing relating to your field of study?

I can say my job is much more related to the specialization courses I had instead of my major, which is also representing another advantage of studying at our university.

If you had the opportunity to advise something useful students interested in a similar career path, what would it be?

Always take notes. Take them diligently. You will appreciate them at the times when you are looking for something which you already learned.

Development project

During these individual consultations with a career counsellor, you would have an opportunity to:

  • discuss your personal characteristics, previous experience and plans. Moreover, It will also be a time to:
  • prepare application documents and
  • your individual action plan

Meetings will take place every week or every two weeks (in total there will be from 2 to 4 consultations)

You will be also invited to:

  • The group workshop which gives you an occasion to check which future work skills you have
  • Development Centre session - It is a kind of methodology used in recruitment processes or in development programs so during the project you will have an opportunity to face it in safe conditions.

Please, take into consideration:

  • Students of the 4 last semesters of studies have the priority of joining in the project
  • If you decide to take part in a development project you need to be aware that you cannot resign from it until you finish the whole process (only Development Centre session is not obligatory).
  • Usually, that kind of process lasts approximately 2 months. Furthermore, you need to be prepared to meet a lot of formalities (specific forms, agreements etc.)

It is a really fruitful and complex form of support. So don’t hesitate, fill the form and wait for the contact!

16.06.2020 Your image is where other people come to see you. While loss the job, invest in personal branding

“Anybody who ever built an empire or changed the world sat where you are now, and it’s because they sat there that they were able to do it”

A question to ask yourself is – should we consider the loss of a job as a sign of failure or a disaster? What can be done in this situation? Losing a job in this sense should be considered as the end of one chapter and the start of a new one and a chance for new challenges and experiences. Whilst searching for a job it’s worth focusing on the effectiveness in taking actions.

Your profile is where other people come to see you.

What you should and shouldn’t do in an online world. How to build your own personal branding on the internet? What eBrand is all about and whether building your professional profile online should be a must?

It’s worth taking care of your positive branding on social media and trying to keep the right level of privacy.

   The event is organized in cooperation with Mr Rafał Jatczak, HR Expert, the author of the blog ‘Sposoby na Zasoby’.         

    When: 18.06.2020 4.00-6.00 p.m.

    Where: Google Meet

    If you would like to get to know more - please fill the form

    The event will be held in English.

Kind regards,

The Office of Career Services at SWPS University 

Cover letter – Recruiter's guide

The cover letter is the optional second application document, after the CV, to which the recruiters pay attention during the process of searching for the ideal candidate for a given position. Unfortunately, such letters are not often interesting and meet expectations. According to recruiters' opinions, only a few percents of letters are written in a convincing way and are worth reading.

Let's take a look at the main elements of this document:

  • The cover letter can by in two forms:

1) when you write it as a response to a specific job offer,

2) when you want to inform the company that you are interested in working for it and you do not know if they are currently looking for employees.

  • Remember that this document should present yourself in terms of experience, skills, and achievements which can be useful in a given position or for a company in general. You can write about what the studies have brought to your professional development, how your previous have organized something or participated in any activities, etc.
  • Make sure that the information you provide is relevant to both the company and the job offer. This will make it easier for the recruiter to decide whether you are the person he or she is looking for. It is worth focusing on a few of your strongest points and bringing them to the fore.
  • Do not copy your CV. If you write about your skills or qualities, base them on life examples.
  • Do not copy ready-made formats from the Internet - get original, but remember that a cover letter is a formal document.

How to write a letter which will include all important elements, but not make it too long?

  • First of all, as in the official letter, the address of the sender should be written in the top left-hand corner and the recipient on the right-hand side under the town and date.
  • Start with a formal welcome. It is appropriate to use the form Dear Sir or Madam / Dear + surname. The end of the letter should be equally formal: "Sincerely", "With respect", etc.
  • Ensure that the content is clearly arranged. The letter should fit on one A4 format page, use line spacing 1.5, and paragraph spacing. If you want to distinguish something, you can use bold text.
  • Before you send the letter, check it several times for spelling, grammatical or stylistic errors. Avoid shortcuts, colloquialisms, and typos.
  • If you send a letter by post, remember to sign it.

We would like to suggest you one rule, the name of which is "1+3". The idea of it is to write an answer to 3 questions, each of them may be presented in a separate paragraph, but the layout of the text is not key here. It is important that the content of the whole letter allows the recruiter to understand that you know the answers to the questions:

1) Why do you want to work for this company?

The answer "I was searching for a job and your offer popped out" is not the best way to be considered as the best candidate for any position. Answering this question, it is helpful to go to the company's website and read about it. We suggest you pay attention to the information about the mission and value of the company. Believe us, a recruiter who reads the sentence "Because I am guided in my professional life by values (company's value 1, 2 and 3), which I consider important for your organization" will understand that you did not only take the time to learn about the company, but there is also a chance that you will find yourself in its atmosphere and reality. 

2) Why do you want to work in this position?

It does not matter if someone is to hire you as a barista, junior researcher, HR intern, or foreign language teacher. What matters is why do you want to work in this position. It is better to write about what is special about this job that you become interested in it. If you write that your goal is to be on the company's managers or directors at some point in the future, because you like the field very much and want to get to know it from the bottom up, it will be much more interesting and worth appreciating than the standard answer "because I am good and qualified".

3) Why does the company need to hire you?

Write about your motivation for this job, interests and what are you able to give for the company. Additionally, we would like to suggest you not to be afraid to write directly about your expectations, dreams, and plans. Writing directly about your professional motivation will definitely help the recruiter understand what you are looking for. Remember, work is not only about finances it is also about development and willingness to gain new experience.

If you want to check whether the cover letter written by you meets the formal requirements and if it has a chance to be interesting for the recruiter, please contact the Office of Career Services by e-mail and ask for a consultation.
We will be happy to help you.

MORE International Trainee Programme

The programme

MORE is an 18-month trainee programme with three international rotations. You will drive core strategic initiatives in the fields of Digital Transaction & Advertising, Finance & Accounting and Technology. The rotations and projects will be tailored towards your interests and needs, in close coordination with your mentor and HR coordinator.

As a MORE trainee, you will…

... foster cross-cultural relationships.
... experience different companies and business models, different countries, working cultures and lifestyles.
... be paired with a mentor on the executive level.
... master challenging strategic projects and tight deadlines. 
... develop an entrepreneurial spirit and leadership skills.
... personally grow through several seminars, coaching and Burda events.

We are looking for exceptional individuals who…

... are ready to tackle new challenges and burn with curiosity.
... are self-starters and straight-shooters.
... excel in uncharted territory.
... have a master‘s degree or a bachelor‘s degree plus work experience in a commercial environment.
... are fluent in English and Polish.

Apply now for a start on 01st of January 2021! All we need is…

.. your CV
... a short cover letter telling us why you are made for MORE and your answer to the following question: What do you think the publishing market will look like in 10 years?

Convince us with your personality, experiences, and innovative ideas.

Find out MORE about the programme, participating countries, and recruiting process at


20.08.2020 ON Campus @Philips

Special guest:

Pawel Dzadz Pawel is a Digital Marketing & E-commerce Manager (B2B) at Philips. He’ll be talking about how digital marketing has evolved and how the human element may be just as important as ever in creating effective marketing campaigns.

Sign up here!

Join Shapers of the Future!

If you are an active member of an NGO, in a political or academic organization, and you believe achieving public goals through innovation is important, you should apply to this program!

Participants will work together in international groups under the supervision of experts and trainers to increase their knowledge on Design Thinking, social innovation and to improve their skills of team-work and creativity.

What do we guarantee? Great atmosphere, professional team of trainers and practical knowledge that you can apply in your everyday work. You don’t have to worry about accommodation and food - we provide it all for the duration of the workshop.

The program is run in English!

WHEN: 7th - 10th October 2020

WHERE: Krakow, Poland

FOR WHO: students, graduates and young professionals from Central and Eastern Europe.


Don’t wait! Fill out the form and register today!

More information:

Winter semester 2020/21 - we are available online

Dear Students,

We would like to inform you that in the next, winter semester 2020/2021 we are operating online

All planned:

  • individual consultations,
  • workshops,
  • meetings with companies (as well as Scandinavian Career Week) will be held online.

If you would like to arrange a consultation with career counsellor please email us:

Kind regards,

The Office of Career Services

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