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Code of conduct

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Rules for individual consultations in the Career Services Office of SWPS University
  1. The admission for individual consultations is determined by the order of candidates' applications and the possibility of adjusting the time frames by the applicant (Client) and the Career Services Office Specialist.
  2. Individual consultations may take place in the offices of the Career Services Office, in the SWPS University building or online via Google Hangouts/Meet, Skype etc.
  3. Prior to the consultation, the Client will receive an invitation for a coaching/counselling session.
  4. Consultations with a Career Services Office Specialist may be interim (one time) or systematic (long-term). The duration and frequency of the consultation meetings are decided upon by both parties on a case by case basis.
  5. A consultation meeting usually takes from 45 to a maximum of 120 minutes. In the event that the Client arrives late for a meeting, the time of the meeting is not extended.
  6. A consultation meeting may be cancelled not later than 24 hours in advance. If any of the meetings are cancelled later than provided above during the consultation period, the reservation will be cancelled and the following meeting will be scheduled depending on the available dates.
  7. The use of any services, tools and psychometric tests is preceded by an interview which aims to collect the necessary information concerning the reasons for the application and the purposes of the consultation meeting, as well as to specify the Client’s needs, expectations and areas of interest.
  8. In response to the identified needs, the Specialist may present the Client with a proposed action plan including the use of appropriate tools and psychometric tests. A test-based diagnosis is followed by a discussion of results (interpretation).
  9. All the services are provided by professionals with appropriate qualifications, experience and competences. In the event it is not possible to provide professional support in response to the reported problem, the Specialist may recommend consultation with another specialist.
  10. The Client may decide to discontinue using the services of the Career Services Office at any time. In such a case the Client should notify the Career Services Office Specialist before the date of the upcoming meeting. The aforementioned rule does not apply to the services which are subject to separate provisions.
  11. The Specialist is entitled to refuse to participate in a meeting in the event that the Client grossly violates the Specialist’s moral rights, offends the Specialist or significantly violates the provisions of the concluded contract or rules of cooperation.
  12. Specialists of the SWPS Career Services Office are subject to a confidentiality obligation and professional secrecy, including in the scope of personal data protection pursuant to the GDPR.
  13. For meetings, the rules and regulations on the publication and dissemination of image and audio/video recordings on websites and in social media (such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) shall apply.
  14. The Head of the SWPS Career Services Office shall decide in all matters not regulated in these rules.
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