Erik Talanian

International Business Management

What made you choose the SWPS University and the field of study?

I was always interested in fields close to economics or business. I also always wanted to study abroad, and at a time Poland seemed to be a reasonable first step, as I had friends and relatives there who could have supported me if the need arise. As I studied in private schools, I also wanted to study in a private university, and SWPS was the only one in Warsaw. Also the program was affordable for my family's budget, hence I chose SWPS.

How do you remember your studies at SWPS University?

I remember, I was very excited and also confused during the first months as this was my first long lasting experience abroad and there were many things I didnt know. However after some time I started to feel more and more confident with my studies and getting used to the international environment in SWPS university. After my first year of studies I completely oriented my self regarding my plans for the future; be that career, my final year of writing thesis or the subjects that interested me the most. I remember that our professors and teachers were from time to time diverging from the topic of their lecture and telling us more about the pre-history of the subject as well as many other interesting facts about this and that. This was particularly interesting as it was helping me to stay excited and motivated to learn more apart from what was in the textbooks. I also remember my enrollment in IIG(International Integration Group) which offered a chance for me to participate in extracurricular activities. as well as to try my knowledge gained from lectures in a real time environment.

What was your career path so far? / Please, describe your career path so far?

I always wanted to work in a large bank like Goldman Sachs, City JP Morgan and others. And I am very happy that my dream came through and I managed to start working in Goldman Sachs which I am doing till this day on. I have many goals and objectives for the future and I am glad to know that SWPS helped me to accomplish one of my biggest goals in my to do list.

Is the job that you are currently doing relating to your field of study?

Absolutely. Of course its important to remember that university will never prepare you for everything you might meet in your future job, however it played large part in my current work and helped me to understand it better and to learn new things faster due to the knowledge I already possessed. In my opinion its important to remember that universities are not designed to prepare you for your future job but rather to teach you how to learn, how to think and where to find the information you need. This is what I primarily learned and this helped me not only in my current career but also in almost anything else that I do in my life. Of course one must also work hard and try to learn more than it is required from him with a desire to investigate further the subjects that he loves, because self-learning is another fundamental part for success.

If you had the opportunity to advise something useful students interested in a similar career path, what would it be?

I would advise to work hard in everything you do, to understand what is it that you love. Because that is important. Often times you can see students choosing fields of study that are considered to be interesting and offering good opportunities for career progression. However if you do not like what you are doing chances are that you might not succeed. Therefore its important to know who you are, what you want and to have goals. Even if your goals are not precise. Dont worry you will understand them better over time. Till this day I dont have definite plans and ideas however I know more or less the destination and the journey that I want to embark. After knowing this, work hard do not be discouraged by failure as it is an important part for your learning and development. Do more than asked for, work for 110%. Try to learn more about the field you want to work in, ask your professors for additional literature. Go for their office hours and ask question that interest you, and just dont underestimate yourself as you are capable of more than what you think. I am sure you heard many of these things several times but you took them for granted, I know that because I did too. But trust me these things are very true and they are the cornerstone for your prosperous future.

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