2020-09-30 11:06 Gawrońska Marta


Due to the sanitary regime in the buildings of the SWPS University, each visit must be arranged for an individual date during the hours of duty of the Career Office employee in the University building.

Duty hours:

The dates are consistent with the office hours (Monday-Friday 09.00-16.00) If it is not possible to meet during the week, it is possible to make an appointment for a Saturday.

Category of matters to be used when making an appointment to the building:

1. Receiving a internship referral (remember, we can always send you a scan or a paper version by Polish Post);

2. Receipt of the apprenticeship agreement (please send information about the need to prepare and collect the apprenticeship agreement in advance and complete the information needed to prepare the document);

3. Leaving the application documents for the project;

How to sign up for visits to the Career Office:

Due to the applicable rules, a personal visit to the Career Office is possible only after prior appointment and indication of the case category. Please notify us of your willingness to arrive the day before. This will enable us to prepare documents.

Counseling, coaching, workshops and DC sessions are held only online and are also subject to registration.

Rules applicable during the stay in the university building:

a) access to the building is possible only for healthy people,

b) the need to maintain a minimum physical distance of 1.5 meters in offices and other rooms (including toilets and corridors),

c) wearing masks or helmets (covering the mouth and nose) is obligatory especially in the common parts of the building,

d) it is necessary to disinfect hands regularly with the use of disinfecting liquids in containers in front of the entrance to the Career Office and in the corridors,

e) it is important to follow the recommendations of the permissible number of people in a given room (instructions will be visible before entering the Career Office).

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