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What to write? What to add? What to say?

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Many international students have already taken part in our first workshop on how to start your career in Poland, even if you do not know Polish. During the meeting we discussed the main market opportunities, tips on how to find your characteristics, achievements and skills, as well as how to confirm and describe them correctly. We considered the competences that will be in demand in the near future, and in addition, various organizations, networks and web-pages where you can look for a job yourself.

It was only the first step to finding your career. There are a lot of interesting things ahead! That is why we are pleased to invite you to our second seminar, which will take place on 11th March, 15.00, room S102

We will discuss:

instructions, tips and useful suggestions on how to create your CV,

what to write in a cover letter and how to show yourself during an interview.

If you have not yet joined us, you have a unique opportunity to become a member of our company of "builders" where you will learn how to build your future.

During the workshop, we will create a real groundwork for your career in Poland.

What exactly are we going to talk about?

  1. We will shortly remind you about what does Office of Career Services of SWPS University do? How can we help you?
  2. Structure of CV 3. How to find information about yourself which needs to be included in your CV?
  3. What information is the most important and what employers are looking for?
  4. What is cover letter? When is it necessary to be included and how to write it properly?
  5. You have been invited to an interview. What to say, how to look and how to show yourself (brief introduction)?
  6. And much, much more….

When? March 11th, 15.00 (3 pm), room S102

If we got your attention, please follow this link: https://forms.gle/eML3PUg8kAyhyk7w9 and sign for our meeting

Believe us; it would be informative, helpful and fun!

See you soon! 

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